But keep it brief. Let your friends know a sweet sixteen they can’t miss is about to be underway with some cute, . Whether you’re picking up a cake or making your own, a square blue tiffany box is easy to make. 14 luxurious Christmas gift ideas. Follow these easy tips on themes, games, food, and decor to plan the perfect sweet sixteen or visit our resource on how to plan a birthday party. You can then add personalized touches such as photos of the birthday honoree, along with any other themed decorations that will make the party area feel more complete. The team with the most items checked off and a picture to prove all the fun will win a prize. Think stripes or polka dots. The new coronavirus and the social distancing that comes with COVID-19 may have canceled kids' birthday parties, but these families still made things special. You can still have a memorable birthday, social-distancing-style. Sweet Sixteen Candy Bar: A candy bar is great ideas for sweet sixteen table décor. How to have a quarantine birthday during the COVID-19 outbreak For all our March and April birthday babies, don't fret. Cupcakes can also be displayed in the various fun designs and layouts. No more hugs, no more kisses; all they get now are a few best wishes over the phone, and that's it. Neighborhood Drive-By Party. Think about some of your teen’s favorites. For example, their favorite hobbies, favorite color, or maybe even their favorite destination. Besides the beautiful birthday cake you can also fill clear jars with black and white colored candies. The options are endless, but these are a few standout sweet 16 party themes. Help you teen create a signature alcohol free drink ahead of time to serve at the party and then teach the teens how to make some delicious mocktails. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Think stripes or polka dots. You’ll also want to pick out a color theme for the party that the décor ties together. For this special occasion, what could be more special than a night in Paris themed party? Or a tip on how your town or community is handling the pandemic? Sweet Sixteen Cake: It’s time to blow out the candles and make a wish. Scavenger Hunt: Depending on the venue chosen for your sweet sixteen party a scavenger hunt activity can be lots of fun. Other activities might include DIY facials, nail painting, board games, and more. Add two fountains, one with dark chocolate and the other with white chocolate to really bring the black and white to life. Parents tell News 12 a Sweet 16 party on Sept. 25 led to the … For now, here are our favorite ways to celebrate birthdays at home. The invites will set the mood for the party and excite all of your guests. If your teen has a sweet tooth, consider making their 16th birthday party all about the sweetest things in life. Planning a celebration for her may be difficult, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Include plenty of old school party decor with high school references like letterman jackets, pom-poms, and sports gear. 81 people attended a “sweet 16” birthday event at a venue in Long Island resulting in 37 COVID-19 infections forcing nearly 300 to quarantine. Someday soon we’ll be back to having family and friends over for cake or celebrating with fun birthday parties in public spaces. Please email covidtips@businessinsider.com and tell us your story. Hanging up all their favorite movie posters and string lights, rent an old fashioned popcorn machine and soda dispenser, and rent all their favorite flicks. If black and white isn’t enough for the birthday girl you can also add in a design to the party décor. Excite your guests with a night in Paris themed. Invite your teen’s best friends and set up a night full of fun and relaxation. Sure, you could just text all your friends a Zoom link, but it's way more fun … Send out fun invitations. Think a Tiffany blue box birthday cake, light blue balloons, streamers and the birthday girls very own logo. A sweet sixteen is an important coming of age party that recognizes an individual’s growth and achievements while approaching young adulthood. This isn’t just any ole’ birthday cake, this is a... Cupcakes: Cupcakes are an easy and great way to blow the candles out without dealing with the hassle. Make fun punch bowls and decorate the cake to look like the cake from Sixteen Candles. But if you’re looking for additional content similar to sweet sixteen birthday party ideas, look to our resources below: Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. For now, here are our favorite ways to celebrate birthdays at home. Detailed with sand and a beach ball these invites will serve as the perfect prelude to a memorable day. Encourage guests to come dressed up in their favorite costume and decorate the venue in the spookiest decor you can find. Gathering digitally to celebrate a birthday, graduation or any big life event. An illegal Sweet 16 party outside of New York City turned into a coronavirus "super-spreader event" that sickened more than three dozen people, authorities said.. They include one family's "pub crawl" through their own house to celebrate a daughter's 22nd birthday, and using hair dryers to blow out their candles to prevent the spread of germs. A Sweet 16 party at a Long Island, New York, catering hall is being called a COVID-19 "super-spreader event" that has now been connected to 37 confirmed cases, officials said. Yard Letters Birthday Sign. When it comes to sweet sixteen theme ideas, it’s important to choose a theme that fits your kid perfectly. You can do this to your food or dessert tables, for the gift table, or any other spot you think you could use in the display. Make your daughter's 16th birthday a day for the photo album with our 16th birthday themed plates, cups, decorations, favors, and other sweet 16 party supplies. We’ve added several new birthday party ideas to this list, including a beer- or cheese-making party for adults, an outdoor movie night, and a scavenger hunt for kids. Let your friends know a sweet sixteen they can’t miss is about to be underway with some cute pool party invitations. With this warm theme, there are endless options for party décor from beach towels to balloons– this party is sure to bring the sand, sun and fun! An outdoor movie party could make the ultimate sweet sixteen theme for a movie obsessed teen. However, some girls are not enticed by birthday cake and parties, preferring to celebrate more casually or quietly. After providing some savory bites to fill guests up, your next focus should be the sweet sixteen cake which will likely become one of the main highlights of the party. She planned a fun and safe way to celebrate her daughter’s special birthday with a surprise drive-by parade. If your teen loves to dress up, it might be a great idea to host a Halloween party. Besides the beautiful birthday cake you can also fill clear jars with black and white colored candies. There are endless options for cupcake stands, such as using an antique chandelier to display the little cakes. On April 10, La Crescenta teen Katie Lee had her Sweet 16 birthday. The more people that are invited to the celebration, the more cake you are going to need. The invites will set the mood for the party and excite all of your guests. Host a party. And that’s what it was. Her mom, Kimberly, wasn’t about to let this auspicious occasion pass with a whimper. Call up their friends, or friends’ parents, and arrange a time for everyone to walk … You can find streamers in almost any color and any pattern making it easy to match your selected party theme. Easy party decorations include streamers and balloons, you can definitely find them in the perfect Tiffany blue hue and it’s as simple as placing them around the party venue. TikTok TikTokers have been sharing the inventive ways they're celebrating birthdays while self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak. This yummy bar can act as party decoration and something guests will love. Say hello, or more appropriately, “Bonjour” to this perfectly sweet sixteen. Pick out tablecloths related to your sweet sixteen theme and then add matching. BBQ’s make for a fun and easy birthday party theme, full of friends and good food. Jocks and Cheerleader Sweet Sixteen Party, Making mocktails is a fun and creative way to kick off a sweet sixteen birthday party. 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